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shruti box album 2016 Olivero

Unexpected musical Fusion influence by Indo-Pakistani music and nomad music from east europe, mix with rock style and synthetic from dub, drum'n bass, electronica…

Fully hybrid concept who play an original repertory.

That band is carry on by Olivier Olivero, ex singer/accordionist from RAGEOUS GRATOONS Band (1995-2010), six album and more that one thousand show in France and foreign country. Singer and multiple-instrumentalist : indian harmonium, tambura, santour, double-bass, accordion, bapang, keyboard, kana, shruti box, sampler… with Sébastien Lauquère, bass guitar, tambura and kartals as well as Marc Mouchès playing saxophone.

This Band playing with rock energy who bring out also with other artists performer : Pyar Sangeetkar in tabla and Savitri Igos who is a kalbelya dancer from Rajasthan.

This three last years, the band played more that one hundred show in France and in foreign country, in Couvre Feu festival in Corsept (44), the Mantra Fest (30), the Nomad festival in Bordeaux (33), the Printemps des Roulottes in Cergy (95), L'Invasion de Lucanes in Libourne (33), Poletna Fest (Slovénia), Ordogkatlan Festival (Hungary)…

SHRUTI BOX the new album released in autumn 2016, with the contribution of the beat makers SUSHISOOSHAMP and UNDERGANG …